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Flipkart keyword identification and monitoring

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10 June 2023

In the highly competitive world of e-commerce, keyword research and monitoring are essential for optimizing your product listings and gaining a competitive edge. Whether you are a seller on Amazon, Flipkart, or any other e-commerce marketplace, harnessing the power of keywords can help you attract more customers, improve visibility, and outperform your competitors. In this blog post, we will explore the value of keyword research and monitoring for e-commerce listings, focusing on Flipkart and the tools available to leverage this strategic advantage. We will look towards other tools available for other e-commerce marketplaces later.

The relevance of keyword identification and monitoring:

Identify popular search terms:

Different customers search for the product differently based upon their dialect and need. It becomes essential to identify the keywords highly searched by customers when searching for your product online so that you can also rank on those keywords.

Competition identification:

Different brands have different share of voice(SoV) as a part of any keyword. It is essential to dominate the SoV for different keywords around the specific product listings of any category.

Elevating listing visibility:

By identifying the popular keywords, the listings can be optimized based upon those keywords to rank higher in those keywords and own a part of search volume and visibility.

Keyword competition monitoring:

Different keywords have different numbers of products with their statistics around the number of ratings and reviews, translating to average and maximum numbers. The same can be identified for the overall price distribution of the products against a given search term.

If the product listing has a price similar to the average price in the given search keyword or has higher ratings than the average, or if there are very few listings on a given keyword, it becomes easier to increase visibility, CTR, and sales on those keywords.

How to go ahead with keyword identification and monitoring?

Datavio extension lets you quickly identify keywords used by any Flipkart listing and any adjacent keywords similar to the given listing. It also helps to determine the number of products ranking on those keywords, the rating and reviews distribution, and the price distribution of the listings shown in those keywords.


Keyword identification and monitoring are vital in Flipkart listing optimization, increase in visibility, and product sales. Datavio is one such tool that helps in the identification and tracking of such keywords for Flipkart.

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