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How should I do keyword placement on Flipkart?

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04 August 2023

Keywords play a critical role on any marketplace. It is because different marketplaces work on the idea of search-led sales, and browse-led sales. When a customer searches for a product, the results and the upcoming sales are called search-led sales. However, when a customer is just browsing a certain category, the results and the upcoming sales are called browse-led sales.

Keyword placement is important for a listing for multiple reasons:

1. Keyword placement helps you in increasing the probability of your product coming up higher on the search results for any keyword search.

2. Different customers are buying products for a variety of reasons. It is important for you to mention these reasons in the form of keywords within your listing to educate your customer on their purchase.

We have built a Chrome extension to help you identify keywords, their search volumes and the number of products which are ranking on Flipkart against those keywords.

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With that said, there are 6 primary ways to place the keywords in your listing:

1. Backend placement: Flipkart allows you to add keywords in the backend of the listing. It accepts only upto 5 keywords which can be both long tail and short tail keywords. It can also be noted that the keyword works from a broad search perspective and not an exact search.

2. Title placement: Title is the first thing that shows to the customer, and critical for keyword placement. Depending upon the category, while title is generated based upon listing attributes; in many cases, one can control the title that shows up for a listing via the `Model name`, or the `Model number` attribute that is often present in the listings.

3. Description placement: The description can be created such that the keywords are stuffed into the description, while making coherent sense.

4. RPD(Rich product description): This is the rich product description content that is often present in the listings. Something, that can be asked for by the sellers from the Flipkart team to be added based upon a fixed template.

5. Highlights and other attributes: Each listing on Flipkart has a set of attributes which refer to their various properties. The keywords can be stuffed such that those attributes are filled in while including the search keywords by the customers.

6. Self placement: Flipkart often ranks the product based upon the similarity of the search keyword to additional search keywords based upon the product demand, and the similarity of the product to adajacent products. While, this is a great way to rank, and has worked very well for many of the older products, this takes time to happen and depends upon a lot of other factors.

Hope you liked the post. We help sellers on Flipkart with listing optimization, and increase in sales. Feel free to checkout a beta version of our free extension here.

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