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The importance of review analysis on competitor listings for success

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10 June 2023


In the fiercely competitive landscape of e-commerce, review analysis is vital for staying ahead of the game. Whether you're a seller on Amazon or Flipkart, or any other e-commerce marketplace, harnessing the power of review analysis can provide you with invaluable insights to optimize your listings, understand the limitations of competitor products, and outperform your competitors. In this blog post, we will explore the value of review analysis for e-commerce listings, explicitly focusing on platforms like Amazon and Flipkart and the tools available to leverage this powerful strategy.

The marketplaces, like Amazon, Flipkart, etc have established themselves as a dominant force in the ecommerce world, making them a crucial platform for sellers, and brands to succeed. Analyzing customer reviews on these marketplaces provide valuable insights into product performance, customer satisfaction, and emerging trends. By leveraging review analysis, you can:

Identifying product strengths and weaknesses based on customer feedback:

The reviews provided by customers on any market listing help identify the customer's point of view for a product listing, helping with sentiment analysis of the reviews in the listing. Thus, the reviews provide a window into the positives, that people are praising and the problems they are facing while using the specific product listing.

Optimizing product listings:

Review analysis can be leveraged to identify the positives people are talking about the product, and the same attributes can be utilized to optimize the content of the listing to increase the discoverability of the product listing based upon those attributes.

Keyword extraction:

The attributes being praised by the customers in the reviews can be used to further optimize the listing by optimizing the given product listing for those keywords, as mentioned by the customers as part of the reviews.

Spotting market trends:

Regular review monitoring of top competitors in a category help to identify the overall trend of how customers' preferences are changing across multiple product listings and their tastes and preferences as evidenced by the reviews provided by them.

Performance Tracking:

Monitoring changes in reviews and ratings over time for your or your competitors' listings helps identify customers' preferences over time.

Competitor research:

Review insights can be leveraged to set your products different from the competitors ranking in the same category and identify the key pointers relevant for the users buying products in the category.

How to quickly analyze any listing on Flipkart?

Datavio extension allows you to quickly analyze reviews of any Flipkart listing directly at the listing page using the Chrome extension. The extension allows you to analyze reviews based on four primary factors:

  • Phrase Cloud: Phrase cloud helps to identify the top phrases used by customers in the reviews to build a top-level overview of the points mentioned by the customers.
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  • AI analysis: AI analysis allows customers to quickly identify top insights from the list of reviews in the given listing on the marketplace and segment them based on core improvements that can be done to the product.
  • Keyword search: Keyword search allows sellers to easily search any keyword from the list of all reviews to quickly identify the context of the phrase used on the listing.
  • Listing monitoring: This allows customers to monitor a given Flipkart listing for any changes in the reviews and ratings for the product listing and identify how customer sentiment shifts for the product across time.


In the highly competitive world of e-commerce, review analysis is a strategic advantage that can help you optimize your e-commerce listings, outperform competitors, and drive sales. Platforms like Amazon and Flipkart provide immense growth potential, and by leveraging the power of review analysis, you can unlock invaluable insights to improve your product offerings, enhance customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive edge. Embrace the power of review analysis using the Datavio Chrome extension to stay ahead in the dynamic marketplace.

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