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Why Flipkart reviews matter, and how to derive key insights from reviews

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29 October 2023

Product reviews are the direct gateway to the customer feedback to the products you are selling on Flipkart. When a customer orders and receives your product, there can be a number of things that can go wrong in the delivery process. And thus, it becomes critical to analyze the reviews, that you are getting on marketplaces to diagnose those problems.

The number of reviews and ratings play a key role in a customer's decision to purchase your product. You can improve your reviews and ratings over time by improving your product or the service based upon the customer reviews.

You can use the Datavio tool to automatically fetch the reviews of any listing to identify a keyword chart which helps you identify key pointers, that your customers are talking about for your listing. Simultaneously, you can use the ChatGPT analysis on the Flipkart reviews to identify key insights as said by the customers on the product, filtered based upon the product requirements.

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Once you have the extension installed, you can simply go to the Review Analyzer present within the extension to easily analyze all the reviews present in the listing.

Info: We have currently removed the word map feature from review analysis

The first thing that you can do is easily look through a keyword cloud to identify all the key pointers that customers are using in the keywords. This helps you to identify either the major keywords that customers are praising about the product you are selling, or key improvements about your products.

You can also use the ChatGPT integration in the tool which segments the key pointers from the reviews to segment the negative pointers in a neat list, organized based upon key topics that can be improved upon.

Overall, it is critical for a seller to analyze reviews of any product to understand key improvements and USPs of the product that is being sold.

You can use the extension for Flipkart listing analysis and download the extension here.

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