Solutions for Ecommerce Intelligence Success

Seamlessly navigate the dynamic e-commerce landscape and make informed data-driven decisions that drive growth through a powerful suite of tools across ecommerce marketplaces.
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Assortment Analysis

Dive deep into consumer preferences and market trends with our Assortment Analysis tools and optimize product offerings, maximize sales potential, and staying ahead of market demands by using data-driven decisions.

Comprehensive Data Insights

Access valuable insights into product performance, customer preferences, market trends, and price strategies.

Ecommerce Category Analysis

Identify gaps and opportunities in your category, and stay ahead of your competitors.
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Competitor Benchmarking

Benchmark your performance against your competitors, and identify ways to improve your performance across ecommerce marketplaces driven by real-time data and insights.

Thousands of brands

Benchmark your presence against the top and upcoming brands for your category on e-commerce marketplaces

Strategy Monitoring

Evaluate pricing and assortment strategies, ratings and reviews, new product launches, and market share analysis for competitors
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Marketplace Optimization

Unify your data across e-commerce marketplaces and optimize your presence across multiple online channels.

Keyword Optimization

Identify all relevant keywords for your listings and optimize your listings by using the relevant keywords

Bundles and Variations identification

Identify market opportunities to create bundles and variations to multiply your sales on e-commerce.
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Data Connectors

Easily connect your seller dashboard data to external data channels via APIs and Sheets plugin

API access

Easy APIs to extract data outside from the internal dashboard

Sheets plugin

Easy sheets plugin to extract seller dashboard data directly to sheets
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