Datavio helps you analyze Amazon and Flipkart to identify product opportunities, optimize your catalogue and ads, and track brand share across categories.
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Market Research

Gain deep insights into category trends and competitor assortments. Make data-driven decisions backed by comprehensive data and stay steps ahead in the dynamic e-commerce environment.

Category Analysis

Deep insights into category trends, upcoming competitors, price fluctuations, and sales estimations.

Real-time data insights

Real-time data to respond swiftly to market changes, capitalize on emerging trends, and make data-backed decisions.

Keyword Explorer

Uncover high-impact keywords for your category, identify demand and competition against keywords, and optimize your content effortlessly to incorporate top keywords in your category.

Keyword Generator

Easily generate top keywords based upon a category, product SKU, or niche on ecommerce marketplaces.

Keyword Monitoring

Monitor top keywords on ecommerce to understand shifting demand, competition, and assortment.
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Competitor Analytics

Gain a strategic edge by delving into insights on competitor brands. Track their online presence, analyze customer sentiments, and benchmark performance while uncovering opportunities and identifying  competitive advantages.


Discover any brand's top selling categories, customer sentiments, and ecommerce ranking.


Benchmark your presence against competitors to identify improvement areas, or new product opportunities

Data Connectors

Seamlessly bridge diverse datasets and use cases through a cohesive and interconnected data ecosystem powered by our powerful Data APIs and connectors.

API access

Our Data APIs ensure that your data flows seamlessly across platforms, fostering collaboration and efficiency.

Customizable data pipelines

Easily create customized data pipelines ensuring flexibility and scalability across your business.
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