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Gaining a competitive edge on Flipkart - How to do competitor research

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28 July 2023

In the dynamic world of ecommerce, staying ahead of the competition is vital to the success of your product. Competitor research provides invaluable insights that can give your business a strategic advantage. Here's a guide on how to conduct thorough competitor research and why it's essential for your ecommerce venture.

Step 1: Identifying competitors on Flipkart

Let's say you are planning to sell products in any category on Flipkart, simply go to Flipkart and search the top category name on Flipkart. An example is shown below:

Image caption goes here

Out of the many listings that come up, identify the top brands or listings that you want to emulate.

Step 2: Analyze and monitor the listing

Select the listings that you want to analyze, and use the extension to directly monitor its keyword usage, reviews, or health score. Simultaneously, you can also decide to monitor these listings for the long term by adding them to specific collections.

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Step 3: Building collections to monitor competitor brands, keywords, or listings

Datavio allows you to easily add these listings to collections, and automatically monitors your competitors for their keywords, understanding the keywords your competitors rank on to get estimates of their share of search and share of category on Flipkart.

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You can regularly monitor these listings for changes in their reviews, and details of all reviews to improve your product offering. Or, identify changes in their pricing and promotions to identify the next set of product listings.

Step 4: Take decisions based upon Datavio helping you monitor your competitors

Datavio starts monitoring your competitors at a daily basis. Thus, you can easily monitor all your competitor listings for their placement info, the kind of content or images, and their pricing to identify category opportunities, and include product offerings to improve your Flipkart listings.

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