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How sellers use market research to identify pricing and product combos to sell on Flipkart

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20 December 2023

About the seller

It is one of the prominent sellers selling 500 SKUs around books and their different combos. They have been getting good sales on Flipkart, but were working to strategize the right pricing and product combos to sell and advertise on Flipkart.

The core problem statement:

  1. How to identify the right price which gives good enough margins but still yields higher sales?
  2. Identifying the right product combos to advertise on Flipkart.
  3. Identifying the price and the seller history across Flipkart to understand which books and combos were sold by the oldest of sellers.

How Datavio helped them achieve this:

Listings research:

With Datavio Chrome Extension, the seller was able to monitor listings everyday to understand the different sellers selling the products, the price point, and the estimated sales velocity corresponding to the different price points.

Seller research:

With Datavio dashboard specifically tailored for research, the seller was able to identify the top sellers, what products and combos were they selling with their corresponding time on Flipkart, usage of Flipkart offers and promotions, and seller score.

Combos research:

With the combined usage of Datavio Chrome Extension and dashboard, the seller was able to identify the top selling combos for different books and the respective price points and Flipkart offers to launch ad campaigns for various products.

Some metrics:

  1. Number of SKUs analysed: 1000+
  2. Number of sellers: 8000+

The result:

The seller was able to strategically identify the top sellers on Flipkart and the products these folks have been selling for the past many years to create a catalogue that he can easily run ads on along with the right combos to sell.

About Datavio

Datavio is an AI-led e-commerce research platform that allows brands and sellers to identify product trends, price variations, and estimated sales across SKUs to understand new products to launch, identifying the right product price points, and benchmark competitors across e-commerce.

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